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Guess who's happy about current enrollment??!!!! We are!!! We thank the Lord for the flood of calls and tours for the 2016-2017 year! Don't miss out! Call TODAY!! 803-285-5565 ... See MoreSee Less

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Don't forget! Today! Prospective Parents' Open House 6:00pm-8:30pm! We look forward to seeing you! Just a note: We will have Open House for currently enrolled students on August 13, 2:00pm-5:00pm. Tonight is set aside for parents that are interested in getting their child enrolled or just seeking to get more information! ... See MoreSee Less

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This is a post that was shared by a parent, Kim Blackmon Dennis:

Hunter's school-free summer ended yesterday. He starts back to tutoring this morning in an effort to give him a head start.

I'm very thankful for Carolina Christian Academy, namely Anna Shaw. She took a liking to my boy several years ago and has become an extraordinary teacher, mentor, and Christian example that he looks up to. She has tutored him for several years now, during the school year and throughout many summers.

I'm not knocking public school, as I also have a kid at AJHS that thrives. But if you have a child that struggles or has gotten lost in the public school system, I urge you to go to CCA's open house Monday night.

Hunter is not your typical "cookie cutter" student. I moved Hunter to CCA when he had just been pushed through 3rd grade because of "No Child Left Behind". He had no business passing. Hunter also had an IEP that was not being adhered to. Student services wanted to place him in a self contained classroom for deaf kids. I remember them telling me they "actually had girl that recently graduated from high school" in that program. To say I was irate would be an understatement. I had set the goals a little higher for my son than simply hope to graduate!

I prayed about what to do. I pulled him out, lost all the services that an IEP can provide and walked on faith.
Re-entering 3rd grade at CCA, Hunter had basically tested on a first grade level. I remember crying at the meeting with the principal as she read me the results. I was horrified that they would not accept him. She looked at me and told me that Hunter would always have a place at CCA. She said it would not be very Christian-like to deny Hunter simply because he struggled. Never did she once promise that they could "fix" him. She did promise that the administrators, teachers, and staff would do everything possible to help Hunter succeed.

6 years later, they are still doing everything to help Hunter succeed. He still struggles, but he knows he has to work hard and he has a whole school that believes in him, a perfect child of God. He will now be entering the 8th grade, is no longer on a modified grading scale. And he is doing great! Within 6 years, some of those scores have come up from a 1st grade level to a 10th grade level. Absolutely amazing.

CCA is having an open house Monday night for prospective parents. I encourage you to go and check it out if you're tired of trying to stuff a square kid into a round hole.
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Prospective Parents' Open House is just a few days away! We have received many phone calls and expect a great turnout! Share this with your family and friends. We are excited about the upcoming year and the great things that will be taking place! Come on, become part of the CCA family! Monday, July 18, 6:00pm-8:30pm ... See MoreSee Less

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Carolina Christian Academy updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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