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Read this post by one of our CCA parents, Amber Canaan. Such a blessing.

I know this school year isn't out yet, but I'm already looking toward August (sorry teachers!). I just want to throw this out there for anyone in the Lancaster area. If you have children age birth through 12th grade, I urge you to consider Carolina Christian Academy. We're completing our 2nd year there. Evan will finish 1st Grade and Lindy will finish K3. Next year we will have 3 children in school there because Darian will start K2. Folks, I know this is a financial sacrifice! With 3 kids going, I totally get that and we are not millionaires over here! (Well...not YET!) But in all seriousness, the education of our children and more importantly, raising them in a Christian environment where they are loved and taught about God is #1. Knowing that what we teach them at home is backed up at school, that we don't have to worry about a teacher trying to tell them that the wrong thing is right or that the right thing is actually just can't get this in public school. I know public schools are free and that is a huge weight off of your bank account. I know public schools have buses and it is so much easier than driving up there twice a day. But students who go to private Christian schools, including CCA, have higher test scores (CCA is top 5% IN THE NATION), are 600% more likely to be active in church as adults, are 800% LESS likely to have sex before marriage, are 1,700% LESS likely to be sexually harassed at school and 1,500% MORE likely to be faithful in marriage. Folks, public schools can't match those stats.

I know it's expensive. I KNOW! We've got 2 in this year and next year it will be 3. However, for the future of our children, it's a sacrifice we'll gladly make. You know what...let me share a little testimony here...last spring I got an email from an old friend I knew in high school. It was completely out of the blue and she asked me if I would like a work at home job. I was totally skeptical, but asked her for the details. Several days later I had an interview and was hired on the spot to be a grant writer for a Charlotte non-profit. I'd never done grant writing before, and I was up front about that, but they liked me and liked my writing abilities. I'd been looking for a legit, well paying work-from-home job for a while and God dropped this one in my lap. You know what? It's more than enough to cover Evan and Lindy's tuition. It will actually pay all 3! Yes, I work to pay for their schooling, but I'm happy to do it! I don't worry about them during the day and know they are in great hands! If you ask God to provide the money, HE WILL!

So...the point behind all of this is to please think about where your children will go to school in the fall! If it's not CCA, please call them and tell them I sent you! They'll give you a tour and tell you everything you need to know and I PROMISE you will not be disappointed! Think about all the things you spend your money on, and INVEST in your children. The long term rewards are tremendous!
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2015 Junior/Senior Banquet (52 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

The junior and senior class of CCA enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Homeplace in Pageland, SC. They were served a wonderful dinner, were challenged with a devotion from God's Word about being a light to the world, and played a competitve and entertaining game of Family Feud. So many laughs and wonderful memories made! So proud of these young people and delighted to see God's hand at work in their lives!

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